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A Journey Into Paradise

Riviera Maya Real Estate: The Spiny Lobster of the Riviera Maya

22 February, 2015

Also known as the Langosta by the locals,the Spiny Lobster is actually a Marine Crayfish,also known as the Rock Lobster. This delicacy is found in the tropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean,from Florida,to the Caribbean to the Gulf of Mexico,including along Riviera Maya real estate.

Spiny Lobsters get their name from the many spines that cover their body,which help to protect them from predators. The sea-dwelling creatures range in color from white and red,to dark orange and have two cream-colored spots on top of their tail,making them an easy target for identification. The Langosta also has long antennae over their eyes that serve to cause predators to think twice,along with smaller antennae that are used to detect movement and chemicals in the water. 

The name Rock Lobster comes from the fact that these creatures are found in protected ocean crevices and caverns,including among the coral reefs of the Caribbean and other hard-bottomed areas of the ocean. They forage for food after dark to avoid predators and will even feed on their own kind,should the chance present itself. All told,the Langosta has been known to consume more than 100 different types of food,including small crabs,mussels,plants and worms,but there are also plenty of animals that feed on them. 

Interestingly,the Langosta migrates annually in large numbers in a single file line along the sea floor,moving from shallow to deeper waters. Scientists are still baffled by the true cause of the migration,but it is believed to have something to do with spawning. 

Each Spring,female Spiny Lobsters lay thousands of eggs in the deep ocean. Out of these,only about one percent will make past the first month of life. After this battle is won,the growing Langosta settles in a safe place on the sea floor until maturity. Also of note,these amazing creatures can live upwards of 50 years and molts to reveal a new shell every year of its life. 

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