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Visiting Mexico Still Number 1 for Americans

25 January, 2015

ABC News/Travel is highlighting a fact that is often overlooked in the current news media. More American and Canadians are visiting Mexico than ever.  Although,the country is in a bitter battle along it's northern boarder with drug cartels,that does not mean the entire country feels the effects. Having lived in Philadelphia for 7 years,I knew what areas to visit and what areas to avoid. Again,Mexico is trying to clamp down on the problems along the northern boarder but that does not mean you can lump in 130 million people and a huge country into those problems. The fact is,the majority of Mexico is safe and secure and full of friendly faces. 

Cancun,the Riviera Maya,Cabo and other tourist areas continue to be the destination point for many travelers. In short,Mexico remains the top tourist destination for Americans traveling outside the United States. Anne Banas from SmarterTravel is a little more straightforward,"Mexico is a large country.  Just because there might be boarder violence in one area,it's like saying that there's crime in New York so don't go to L.A.". When you travel in the US,Mexico,or Europe,use common sense and travel to the areas that welcome visitors.

Mexico has to continue to address the border violence,but the majority or the people,places,and destinations in Mexico continue to be filled with happy and well rested travelers enjoying their vacations.  Unfortunately,these stories do not grab headlines,but there are millions of them everyday. I cannot highlight the point enough,that the overwhelming majority of Mexicans and expats are genuinely loving and family oriented people who choose to live,vacation,and invest in this beautiful and opportunistic country.

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