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A Journey Into Paradise

Tulum Gets Another Great Restaurant

25 January, 2015

I had the pleasure of attending the opening of a new restaurant in Tulum called Altamar Restaurant and Lounge. Tulum is close knit community set to explode and the trendsetters that continue to make Tulum such a unique place are always happy for another entrepreneurial pursuit. So,in typical Tulum fashion,the owners invited all the other restaurant owners,boutique hotel owners,tour guides,photographers,kite instructors,developers and realtors,in welcoming another new addition to the main strip on 307,in Tulum.

There seems to be a new restaurant opening in Tulum every other week and with the population increasing it might not be enough in the very near future. Regardless,Altamar is in a league of it's own. If the food and drinks at last night's opening was an indicator of what to expect,then I expect my wife and I will be there a lot. Altamar will focus on seafood dishes with Latin American influences and will also carry a extensive selection of fine wine to compliment many of their seafood dishes. From the braised fish skewers to the green and garlicky gazpacho,Altamar will be a hit for all foodies. However,the concept will not stop there,it will also have an open air bar on the second floor with lounge chairs to take in Tulum's beautiful sky and sunsets. Lastly,the head chef who is originally from Argentina,will be instructing cooking classes in a open classroom setting on the second floor of the restaurant to tourists,expats like me,and anyone else who wants to take advantage and learn how to cook using local and fresh ingredients.  

See you at Altamar in Tulum!

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