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A Journey Into Paradise

Thanksgiving in the Riviera Maya

25 January, 2015

The Riviera Maya really does have all the comforts of home and celebrating Thanksgiving in this part of Mexico highlights the most important of them. The following was my itinerary this past Thursday on Thanksgiving.

At 1pm I had my first thanksgiving with my good friend's family. We drank some Guinness beer and watched the New England Patriots dismantle the Detroit Lions. We both have a mutual friend,who is originally a chef from Kentucky,who started a catering business down here and he provided the meal which consisted of... Roasted turkey,broccoli casserole,mashed potatoes,sweet potatoes,stuffing,corn bread and rolls,gravy,and to wash it all down,homemade pecan pie.

At 7 pm,I went to my other good friends' home who have their annual Thanksgiving dinner. The Thanksgiving feast at their home was awesome,as usual. There were 18 adults and 12 children bringing the total to 30 people. Our friends have a huge home and they rented a table along with 32 chairs so everyone could eat together. We had drinks and appetizers and like my earlier meal,we had Turkey,stuffing,corn,mashed potatoes,sweet potatoes,asparagus,shrimp (we do live on the coast),cranberry sauce,green beans,brussels sprouts,candied corn,tortellini (a few Italians were there),and countless desserts including cheesecake,pecan pie,cherry pie,pumpkin pie,cookies,brownies,and ice cream.  

I come from a large irish family so 30 people at Thanksgiving is not too far-fetched. What is and continues to be so great about this Thanksgiving is that only 6 US citizens including myself were present. Even the friends who host Thanksgiving every year are not US citizens. The 24 other people at Thanksgiving year after year are from Mexico,the Cayman Islands,Canada,Chile,Argentina,and Italy. My friends down here all celebrate this American holiday and adopted it as their own because it is another reason to get together and enjoy each other. Thanksgiving is all about family,friends and food no matter where you live or who you celebrate it with. Like I mentioned above,all the comforts of home,in the Riviera Maya.

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