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A Journey Into Paradise

Speak Mayan Online

25 January, 2015

The online language website Tosol.co.uk,home of the Oxford School of Language has seen a surge of people learning Mayan.  The hit film "2012" definitely increased the number of people interested in learning about the Mayan culture.  Native Mayans make up a substantial portion of the people and language here in the Riviera Maya.  Indigenous to the Yucatan,Mayan culture can be seen on a daily basis in this part of Mexico.  Whether it be the language,the friendly faces,the cuisine on menus,or the ancient ruins,the Mayan culture continues to flourish and permeate all sectors of society in the Riviera Maya and it makes this place better for it.

The next time you are thinking about sitting on white sandy beaches along Mexico's only Caribbean coastline or going to dinner at one of the famous Mexican,Argentinean,Italian,or French restaurants here in the Riviera Maya,do not forget about the abundance of history and culture that surrounds you thanks to the Mayan people.  

So if you are staying in Cancun,Playa del Carmen,Tulum or those staying at the "all inclusive hotels" get out and experience the real Riviera Maya and do not forget to say Ba'ax ka wa'alik (Hello) to one of the the many friendly Mayans you will encounter.