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A Journey Into Paradise

Riviera Maya Real Estate: Oceanfront or Beachfront Homes?

25 January, 2015

People who visit Cancun and the Riviera Maya are usually in awe of the beautiful beaches that line Mexico's only Caribbean Coast.  One of the main reasons that my wife and I moved to this area is because we fell in love with the protected,pristine beaches of Tulum.  However,when it comes to living on the Caribbean,there are certainly differences between beach and ocean front homes.  My friends,family,and even my dogs visit a beach everyday,however,we choose to live on the ocean. 

Many people come down to this area and want a beach front condo.  However,I always make sure I show them ocean front properties as well.  Beach front consist of sand,whereas,ocean front in this area of Mexico,consists of coral and rock.  As more beach front is being protected I would urge people to be open to ocean front living too.  Many people do not realize that when you live ocean front you usually have the whole view to yourself.  Sunbathers and sand seekers go to the beach.  My wife and I call the quiet and relaxed ocean front coral our front yard.  So,if you are looking for a great view and a place to call home,please remember the differences between ocean and beach front homes and the positives they both bring.

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