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A Journey Into Paradise

Never Short of Guests when you Live in the Riviera Maya

25 January, 2015

This weekend my wife and I had the pleasure of having my in-laws and her grandparents come visit and stay with us.  Everyone who lives here is accustomed to having a regular supply of guests that visit. Again,when you live on the Caribbean,friends and family tend to want to visit and we are happy to have them. Besides hanging out on the patio and drinking and talking about all types of stuff,we had some great days in Playa del Carmen,Puerto Aventuras,and of course Tulum.

The past few days were windy so my father-in-law and I actually kiteboarded for 2 days in Tulum and 2 days in Puerto Aventuras.  Having just got back from a kiteboarding trip in Hawaii,there are not many places that are more beautiful to kiteboard in then on the Mexican Caribbean's crystal clear blue water.  Of course,we went into Playa del Carmen for a few gourmet dinners (John Gray's,Fusion,and Piola are highly recommended). If you do not try new spots to have dinner in Playa,you are doing yourself a dis-service since there are hundreds of great spots that can appeal to any palate.

We ended the trip at my in-laws favorite spot of Tulum (of course they have favorite spots,they visit 3X a year)  in the Riviera Maya. After hanging out on the beach all day,we went to Charlie's,a staple in Tulum that specializes in traditional Mexican cuisine. Tulum not only has the most beautiful beaches,it also has a growing number of exceptional restaurants and nightlife that in the not so distant future will rival Playa del Carmen. Our guests are gone but my wife and I know all too well,with winter approaching in the states,they will be back sooner rather than later. Again,we are glad to have them and to continue to explore the many options and the new places throughout Playa and Tulum.

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