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A Journey Into Paradise

Mole... The Sauce of Mexico

25 January, 2015

Mexico is home to many delicious sauces or salsas if you will.  Whether it be a fresh pico de gallo salsa,salsa verde,or one of the hundreds of sauces spiced up with serrano,jalapeno,or habanero peppers,Mexico has a sauce for you. One very popular sauce that I recommend you try if you haven't already is mole sauce. Mole sauce is not as popular in the states and the more touristy areas of Mexico,but even that is changing.  However,if you travel to the hundreds of colonial towns and cities throughout southern Mexico,you would think all people ate was mole. Mole sauce in Mexico is similar to Belgian beer or Wisconsin cheese. Yes,it is a food,but Mexicans are passionate about making,eating,and sharing their various mole recipes.

Mole is (there are dozens of different variations of mole sauce) a sauce that comes in many colors and unlike other salsas,mole is evenly blended with no chunks of tomato or onion for example. My first experience with mole sauce was to a trip to Oaxaca. Mole is the signature dish of the country's culinary capital,Oaxaca,and it was there that I realized how many variations of mole are possible. Mole is a traditional sauce that is typically served with chicken,totopos (tortilla chips) or to compliment enchiladas,tacos,etc.

The intoxicating taste of mole can be attributed to the thirty-odd ingredient blend including unsweetened chocolate,roasted nuts and chillies,onions,and garlic to name a few. The time,effort,and place where mole is made can truly give you a new authentic taste every time. Depending on how long the mole simmers,the ripeness of peppers and other vegetables all influence the sauces that might be similar in ingredients but not in taste. The next time you are in Mexico or at an authentic Mexican restaurant,order the mole sauce and taste the other Mexican sauce.