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A Journey Into Paradise

Living in the Riviera Maya....last week

25 January, 2015

Last Tuesday night several of my work colleagues and friends went to see “Hang Over 2” at the new mall in Playa del Carmen called Plaza Las Americas.  I sat in new stadium theater seats,paid $39 pesos for my movie ticket,plunked another 30 pesos for movie popcorn and soda,and laughed hysterically throughout the entire movie.  (***Note: the prices.....the same night would have cost me $20.00 dollars in the US,but here in Playa del Carmen,Mexico it cost me less than $6.00 dollars.)

On Thursday,I made my annual visit to Coral Dental Center in Playa del Carmen.  Unfortunately,I had cavities for the first time in 7 years.  The depression of having 2 cavities was overshadowed by the big hug and kiss I got from my dentist,Doctora  Bauitista (very common to greet this way in the friendly and loving Latin culture) and the fact that after a full cleaning and getting 2 cavities filled,the bill was a measly $450 pesos or $38 dollars without using my global health insurance.

On Friday,I went to see my friend and neighbors' daughters act in the play,“The Wizard of  Oz.”  The 2 1/2 hour play was at the Catalonia resort and was put on by the local high school,Colegio Puerto Aventuras located in the midst of the beautiful Puerto Aventuras homes and condos.  The play was as entertaining and well done as any high school play that I have seen.  Saturday,I relaxed with family and friends at a BBQ and today I spent the day on the beach in Tulum.      

Not to bore you with the ordinary and mundane,but it is sometimes overlooked how regular people in this part of the country of 114 million go about their everyday lives.  Like you at home,the majority of us expats love living and raising families in this beautiful,friendly,and cost effective place called the Riviera Maya.

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