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A Journey Into Paradise

Living and Traveling in Mexico

25 January, 2015

One of the many pleasures of living in Mexico,much like the United States,is exploring the diversity of the people and the environment. Last summer,my family took off from Playa del Carmen at the end of June and drove 7 hours to Palenque,where we saw the famous Palenque ruins and ate like kings for about 20 pesos ($1.70 per meal).  Homemade tortillas,salsas,fruits and vegetables,and dozens of different types of mole made this a place hard to leave. It is almost criminal how cheap it is to eat and drink in this beautiful part of Mexico

We continued to drive southwest toward our second stop of San Cristobal de las Casas,in Chiapas,Mexico. My family and I were supposed to stay 2 nights in this beautiful mountain town,but we ended up staying a week. Chiapas is known for its coffee (it's where Starbucks gets some of their coffee) and for the laid back mountain towns. There is something refreshing about driving 12 hours from the beautiful warm beaches of the Riviera  Maya and ending up hanging out in a gorgeous mountain town wearing a sweater even with hats and gloves while listening to some live music in the town square (you can go from 90 degrees to 40 degrees in a half day's drive).  My only advice is to not lose your horse riding guide while in the mountains riding horses………again,it was an experience. 

Although we love living in the Riviera Maya,one of the many cool aspects about living here is the ability to travel to other parts of Mexico. Like elsewhere,you only have to drive a couple hours to experience different climates,cuisines,and people.

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