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A Journey Into Paradise

Kiteboarding in Tulum

25 January, 2015

I just put down my copy of Kiteboarding Magazine and to my surprise,well,I was not surprised at all.  A main article highlighted the beauty of Tulum,some things many of us kite-boarders in the Tulum area already know.  In addition,I am not to keen on sharing my beach with all the readers of kiteboarding magazine.  However,I guess I need to get used to the fact that more people will be sharing,my fellow kiteboarding brothers and sisters included,what the beautiful beaches of Tulum have to offer.

One of the many great things about kiting is getting out into the open sea and looking around.  When riding out of Tulum,I often look back and can only see sand and palm trees,because no big structures are allowed.  This view is rare in a place with so much growth and beauty,a view that is posed to stay that way.

Tulum is getting primed with roads and infrastructure for unprecedented growth in the next couple years.  However,the beautiful pristine beaches will not be changing with the city landscape.  Again,the reason why I love kiting in Tulum is because of the natural beauty of the beaches there.  The environmental laws currently in Tulum protect these beaches with only low density projects such as the many boutique hotels that have a minimal impact on the beaches and surrounding environment. 

Regardless,I will undoubtedly be sharing Tulum's beaches in the near future with more people,whether they are kite-boarders,travelers,vacationers,and residents who seek a more exclusive and beautiful place to play (kite),vacation,enjoy the weekend,and live.

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