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A Journey Into Paradise

Healthcare in the Riviera Maya

25 January, 2015

Healthcare in the Riviera Maya and Cancun is comparable to first class healthcare offered in the states.  There are numerous hospitals in the Riviera Maya that cater to the expatriate crowd.   Whether it is Galenia Hospital,Hospital Americano,or Hospiten (Hospiten is a private run hospital by a Spanish group).  Doctors and nurses that work here are bi-lingual,so even if your Spanish is not so good,you can still communicate effectively. It is increasingly becoming the norm for condo buyers to set up a doctor’s appointment when they are visiting the Riviera Maya area looking at property.  My last client went to Coral Dentistry in Playa del Carmen and got a root canal for $130US without using his insurance.  He also bought a beachfront condo for under 300K.  In addition,the hospitals mentioned above and the dozen or so outpatient clinics offer all types of medical procedures—everything from routine checkups,cosmetic surgery,and heart surgery.  If you compare the cost of healthcare and medications in Mexico to the cost of its northern neighbors,it is easily 50% less expensive here in Riviera Maya real estate.

In addition,private health insurance is minimal here too.  My family has global health insurance through GNP Seguros.  We have our Mexico plan,along with our US plan (for when we hit the slopes in Colorado come March).  There are plans available to fit any lifestyle.  Our Mexican based health insurance broker sends birthday cards,check up reminders,and even gave us her personal cell and home number in case we ever need her or have a question.  I do not remember BlueCross giving that type of customer service back in the US.

Lastly,the Rivieria Maya has winter time temperatures in the 60's to low 80's so I never get the winter time blues along with the annual cold that used to plague me every year when I used to live in the great Northeast section of the US.

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