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A Journey Into Paradise

Getting Healthier in Paradise

25 January, 2015

I will not be writing about how it is sunny 300+ days out of the year and next to impossible to be a couch potato here in the beautiful Riviera Maya.  I will not be writing about the endless supply of fruits and vegetables that grow year round in Mexico and are so vital to the Mexican cuisine.  I will not be writing about the fact that we have a rule in my real estate office that states "if it is windy,we've gone kiting".  I will not be writing about the dozens of yoga studios from Playa to Tulum.  I will not be writing that you can not find 80% of the junk food in the Riviera Maya that you can find in the US.  I will not be my writing about my neighborhood's morning rituals of running,walking the dogs,kayaking,snorkeling,bicycling,and playing tennis.  I will not be writing about the fact that every condominium has a fitness center.  I will not be writing that a Combat Fitness just opened up next to our offices in Playa del Carmen.  I will not be writing about my good friend and colleague losing 50 pounds in 6 months since moving here from the UK.  I will not be writing about that kickboxing,jujitsu,tae kwon do,and mixed martial arts that are as popular here as anywhere in the United States and Canada.  I will not be writing about that almost a 1/3 of my friends here are vegetarians.

However,I will be writing about another typical day here in the Riviera Maya.  On Saturday,I went to Cancun to watch a jujitsu tournament.  The competitors were  guys and girls from ages of 6 to 63.  The jujitsu tournament was held at NovaSports in downtown Cancun.  The sports complex had 4 outdoor tennis courts,2 full futbol fields,an outdoor olympic size swimming pool,2 indoor basketball courts,3 martial art rooms,and a workout center offering everything from mommy yoga to spinning classes.  Did I mention the biggest weight room I have ever seen?

On the way home from Cancun,I was slowed down by protestors who were at the climate change summit to promote vegetarianism as the best way to stay healthy and fight green house gases (people hate to hear this,but it is true……factory farming and mass producing animals for consumption is more damaging to the environment than all the cars and trucks driving around in the world).  Finally,when I arrived home,my wife excitedly told me about the delicious new gluten free cookies that she found from Christina Fur's a new health food store that just opened in Playa.

Like it or not,we are getting healthier in Paradise!

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