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A Journey Into Paradise


25 January, 2015

My wife and I went out in Playa del Carmen last week and we had a typical crowd of friends that we have grown accustom too. My wife and I are originally from Philadelphia (a city of neighborhoods),but we now reside in Playa del Carmen (a city of nationalities). We had some dinner and then went to the famous 12th street off of the 5th to do some dancing.

Without mentioning names,our group of friends included people originally from Lebanon,India,Mexico City,Britain,Belgium,Argentina,and of course……2 Philadelphians. There were only 8 of us,so you can visualize the diversity. This however,is not unique,it's another reason and often overlooked benefit of living in such a vibrant and friendly place.

I often feel compelled to write about the what is going on,what new place is opening,and what developments are nearing completion. However,I need to be writing more about "who" is going on.  After 6 years of visiting the Riviera Maya,my wife and I finally made one of the best decision of our lives and moved here. The underlining theme that always carried the most weight when deciding to move was how much we loved the people. In short,we love the lifestyle,opportunity,but most importantly,the diversity of people and the friends we have made and continue to make from all over the world. Quintana Roo is still a very young state in Mexico and it continues to be a settling point for expats from all over the world. Life,for me at least,is not about what your doing,but who you are doing it with. Experiencing life and living in such a diverse place,is PRICELESS.