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A Journey Into Paradise

Bring Your Pets to Mexico

25 January, 2015

For those of you that are looking for an extended vacation or a more permanent move to Mexico; I have great news,bring your pets! If you are an animal lover like myself then the thought of leaving your furry family member(s) does not even enter into the equation. If you travel to Mexico,rest assured,your pets are welcome here so bring them with you.

My brother and I drove my shepherd-mix,Carl,and my golden retriever,Kaia,from Philadelphia to Tulum Mexico last year. We crossed the border in Brownsville,TX and hugged the Gulf of Mexico while traveling toward the Yucatan Peninsula. If you take this route,there are plenty of open areas for the dogs to get out and run around. Our first night we stayed at a pet friendly Days Inn just outside Veracruz. Many of the international hotel chains are pet friendly so check them out online before you head south. The best part of the trip was that my dogs enjoyed multiple swims in the Gulf throughout their 2.5 days of driving through Mexico. Traveling along the Gulf of Mexico allowed plenty of play time for the dogs (miles of open beach),which in turn,allowed my brother and I to drive in peace and quiet (we did have sirius satellite radio playing the whole time). 

A few days before we left for Mexico,both my dogs got a International Health Certificate from our local veterinarian. Some people said we would not need it,but it was worth the peace of mind to make sure the pets are legal. Think of it as their passport. The certificate needs to be within 3 days of arrival and state that your pets are healthy and that all shots and vaccines are up to date and carries the details of their vaccines. For full information,visit the official government site: When traveling,take your pet along! At the border,the Mexican officials did not ask to see the dogs health certificate,so after our passports were stamped,it was on to the Riviera Maya,Mexico. My wife and I have friends and family that have also driven,flew,and even boated their pets to this beautiful area of Mexico. The friends that flew in,did visit a special office at the airport where the official entered all the pets' info from their health certificate into a computer and gave the pet their formal "papers". 

Today,my dogs Carl and Kaia have a tough regimen of swimming in the Caribbean,digging holes in the sand,and running around the golf course at night…..life is good! 

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