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A Journey Into Paradise

The Riviera Maya... Come see for yourself

15 January, 2015

Oh my,  Mexico's spectacular Caribbean Coast.  As reported by USA Today,"few places in the world have developed as quickly as Mexico's Riviera Maya,an 80 mile stretch of the Yucatan Peninsula running from just south of Cancun to the recipient of  a new International Airport,the storybook town of Tulum."

It is fairly easy to understand why. There are convenient flights from everywhere in the US and the world.  70 miles of pristine,white sands filled with sea shells and the warm,magnificent waters of the Caribbean wait to be explored.  World class PGA golf courses challenge even the skilled and unparalleled scuba diving along the world's second largest coral reef.

There are some who fly into Cancun only to stay put and take full advantage of the euphoric effect that this sexy city has on us mortals and the unparalleled nightlife and world class cuisine. Further south,Puerto Morelos,originally a prosperous fishing village,is now a quiet,mixed use neighborhood of condominiums,tourist shops,restaurants and private homes.

As one continues south along the 307,Quintana Roo's main highway and lifeline that has just been renovated and connects Cancun with the neighboring country of Belize all in brand new,4 lane highway style,you pass through Playa del Carmen. Having the mind-boggling distinction of the World's fastest growing city (Guinness book of World Record's 2006) this once sleepy fishing village was caught up in a monumental growth spurt with the creation of the resort area of Playacar which lies just south of Playa del Carmen. Here you will find grandiose all-inclusive hotels,challenging golf course,and luxurious homes mostly owned by retirees from the US and Canada. 

Playa del Carmen is the Riviera Maya's heartbeat. This sensual city has it all.  From world class venues such as MTV awards,George Benson headlining jazz concerts,to world class restaurant and culinary events.  Playa,as it is affectionately known to the locals,is represented by over 47 countries,making it a melting pot of culture.

Akumal,located 30 minutes to the south of Playa,is a Mayan phrase which means "place of turtles."  True to its name,they are everywhere and a must stop for snorkeling enthusiasts.

According to the Wall Street Journal,"A big,cadre of American baby boomers,looking to retire someplace sunny and cheap is fueling a landrush." That place is Tulum,the focus of the entire country.

To handle the overflow of the millions of annual holiday seekers,a new international airport is being built in this city that in Mayan means "Walled City'" expected to handle up to 3 million visitors per year. The entire coast will now be readily accessible and is already being reflected in the  sky rocketing real estate prices.

London's Financial Times has reported that the pace of development in the Riviera Maya has had a huge effect on property prices which have increased four-fold in the last decade. It is these type of returns that bring investors to this new Boomtown. The infrastructure is being implemented at breakneck speed to support an airport environment. In turn offering savvy investors a vehicle to replace some of their losses that they have incurred over the last few years in domestic markets.

Right now the smart money is in Tulum. Buy land in Tulum and buy as much as you can,as soon as you can!  Whether your financial goals are capital appreciation or capital preservation you can have it all.

By acquiring a condo,well situated and marketed properly,  can be a nice portfolio strengthening asset but also a source of additional monthly income via collected rent payments. Imagine not worrying about the volatility of the stock market affecting your retirement account anymore! That too is possible with a investment in Mexican land or real estate.  There is something for all investors and friends of Mexico. Here the opportunities are endless!

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