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A Journey Into Paradise

Feeling Perfect in Mexico

15 January, 2015

In the Yucatan Peninsula,where the breathtaking,twilight sky,aglow in orange and red brilliance as a result of the reverse sunset,a group of friends and I were chatting,margaritas in hand,when the discussion turned to safety concerns in Mexico. 

One may think that will all the sensationalistic negative news reporting regarding this wonderful country,that this topic would have been a buzz kill,with each one of us turning to each other in utter disbelief of our chosen destination,eyes darting about,looking for that drug lord that is surely under the palapa next to us.  On the contrary,a collective chuckle was let out by all when one of our friends announced they had to go visit their grandkids in Detroit. 

It was George who said,"I would not go to Detroit for all of the tea in China. It is too dangerous there!"  Then the irony hit the group. Why is Mexico getting such a bum rap?  One of the members of our pow wow,who holds a masters degree in economics from Temple University,one of the premiere institutions of higher education since 1884,states it quite simply,"It's a conspiracy!"  The US knows that the baby boomers,a significant demographic with a lot of wealth,are getting ready to leave for a plethora of reasons. Taxes,affordable healthcare,a better quality of life at a fraction of the cost to name a few. What better way to discourage a mass southern migration… Hmmm,food for thought???

According to this weeks Wall Street Journal,Mexico's 2010 tourism revenue rose 5.3% to 11.87 billion dollars and is on track to dwarf that number by December of this year. I guess that means other people aren't buying the negative,unfounded,hype either.

The state of Quintana Roo,officially born on October 8,1974,is home to the Riviera Maya,the most popular destination for travelers anywhere in Mexico,boasting 70% of the tourism sector.

Situated on the Caribbean side,exists a magical residential community,where we leave our doors and bikes unlocked,children frolic in the parks and yards,and the year round residents chat up the snow birds who return year after year.  This close knit,family oriented,ultra safe,gated,golf and tennis,yacht lined resort community is called Puerto Aventuras,which means Port of Adventure. 

Being the only full service marina between Cancun and Belize,Puerto Aventuras real estate has all of the popular watersports available,even including swimming with the dolphins,an attraction which attracts thousands of visitors every year educating both adults and children alike on the fragility of our ocean.

Located just 15 minutes south of Playa del Carmen,PA as the locals call it,boasts one of the best schools from kindergarten through high school graduation.  A challenging golf course winds through the virgin jungle,and tennis courts dot the landscape. Of course,the talcum powder,sugary sands of the Caribbean are only steps away from anywhere in Puerto Aventuras.

Maria Mandret Soto,along with her husband,are one of the premier developer's in Puerto Aventuras real estate and longtime residents of the Riviera Maya,say they would not build anywhere else. Senora Mandret has many  Puerto Aventuras home and condo projects in the pipeline ensuring her stay here for many more years to come and she would have it no other way! 

If it is safety and beauty which you seek,combined with a better quality of life at half of the price,then head south to Puerto Aventuras, have a margarita with us,and share in our roundtable about how happy and fortunate we are to be here where our children and grandchildren are greeted with a hug and a kiss,and we are safe as a bug in a rug.

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