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A Journey Into Paradise

AOL’s Top Beaches South of the Border

15 January, 2015

America On Line,the internet service providing goliath,founded in 1983,with over 30 million customers on several continents,have just released their "Best beaches south of the border" results.

To nobody's surprise,  4 of the 8 beaches chosen,hail from right here in the Riviera Maya… That is an amazing feat which should not go unnoticed by anyone seeking fun in the sun and an elevated lifestyle.

You guessed it,number 1 on the list is Tulum,the ancient walled city has once again impressed some of the world's toughest judges. The talcum powder white sands and the see through water puts Tulum at number 1 on many people's list,including MSNBC and Conde Nast. 

Not to be outdone,Akumal Bay lands as number 2 on the list. Approximately 65 miles south of Cancun,Akumal,which is a Mayan word for "Place of Turtles" is a small town with a truly serene beach protected by the Mesoamerican reef,which makes it perfect for families and small children. This is an ideal place to learn how to snorkel and even you advanced divers will not be bored dropping down on the World's second largest barrier reef.

Cozumel takes a coveted spot on AOL's best beach list by offering some of the best scuba diving found anywhere in the world. Once a favorite hangout of Jacques Cousteau,the island now boasts itself as being a top cruise ship destination but totally committed to the reef's protection and longevity.

AOL has certainly not forgotten Isla Mujeres. Only 8 miles north of Cancun,lies the 4 mile long island that is home to unparalleled natural beauty. Isla Mujeres' eastern shore is a rocky shoreline providing one of the best wave breaks for surfers in the area. Isla Mujeres,Spanish for "Isle of women" was sacred to the Mayan's in pre Columbian times as the place where the Goddess of childbirth and medicine Ix Chel preferred to be. Upon the Spanish arrival in the 16th century,they named this place for the abundance of cult images of fertility goddesses dotting the landscape.

With the mind boggling,but not surprising,results of 4 of Mexico's top beaches being right here in the Riviera Maya,it is no shock that 70% of Mexico's tourism dollars are spent on this booming area.

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