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A Journey Into Paradise

Akumal,the place of turtles.

15 January, 2015

Sometimes a name is so seductive that you know it will be a treat for the eyes.  Akumal is one such name and place.

Akumal,or "Place of turtles" in Mayan,is a quaint,beach front resort and tourist community located only 62 miles south of Cancun on the picturesque Caribbean Sea.

Situated directly between the chic town of Playa del Carmen and the exploding municipality of Tulum,Akumal real estate retains its old world charm.

Akumal real estate is also home to the newly inaugurated ONDARTE,which is an international residency for artists from around the globe.  The newly established ONDARTE was an idea hatched to promote cultural exchanges between artists and creators from all walks of life.

The town of Akumal was officially founded in 1958 as a scuba diving community due to the rich and diverse sea life which abounds here due to the protection that the world's second largest barrier reef has to offer.

The powdery white sands of Akumal Bay are heaven for those swimmers and divers who prefer to be off the beaten path. 

In keeping with the chosen Mayan name,Akumal is one of the best places on Earth to observe sea turtles in their natural habitat or laying their eggs at night on these magnificent beaches from the end of April through October.  The hatchlings then scurry to the sea from June through November.

Many environmental groups are located in the Akumal area and all of the dive shops,hotels,as well as the local aquatic tour operators,are working hand in hand with the government authorities to enforce and enhance a bay conservation program to protect the sea turtles and multiple coral species that call Akumal Bay home.

This dedication to the preservation of the bay is a full time job in that Akumal falls under the township of Tulum and its soon to be International airport that will bring in an additional 3 million visitors a year to this slice of Heaven.

The throngs of visitors each year all yearn for their own Akumal property to call home here.  Whether it be a second home or an income producing property or just a simply a plot of land to dream of one day building their special getaway,folks are turning to the leaders and experts in Riviera Maya real estate,Investment Properties Mexico.

With the global community adopting a new "think green” mantra,Richard Houghton owner of Investment Properties Mexico,is witnessing a surge of people from all walks of life desirous of finding their dream home in an environmentally conscious community like Akumal real estate and encourages all questions and direction.

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