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A Journey Into Paradise

Yoga by the Sea in Playa del Carmen Real Estate

12 January, 2015

It is 6:45am and I find myself in a downward dog in Playa Xcalacoco.  Six other individuals are joining me in one of the more recognized Yoga postures.  A blistering sun greeted us this morning along with onlooking seagulls decorating the light blue sky using the off shore winds to maintain suspended overhead.

A friend recommended me to this group of early morning risers as a way to shake away the tensions that had been building up recently.  Too much work,too many responsibilities,and far too little time to do the things that used to fill my imagination.  Sound familiar?

Originating in ancient India,Yoga is a generic term for physical,mental,and spiritual discipline originating in ancient India.  The goal for the individual practicing is to attain a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility.  Several seals dating back to 3000bc have been discovered in western Asia depicting people in common yoga positions.  

Today the Yoga influence can be viewed throughout the streets Playa del Carmen real estate where the differing methods are well represented on storefronts that dot the seaside town.  From the original hot room yoga know as Bikram Yoga,to Kundilani Yoga where one releases “serpent power,” one can chose from the vast methodologies and locations to practice at.  

Yoga retreats have sprouted up along the Riviera Maya coastline offering healthy eco-friendly vacationing such as Akumal´s Organic Yoga,and tour operators such as Best Day now offer Yoga and meditation vacations.  Yoga is now a standard offering in spa and gym menus in all inclusive resorts that are sprawl along the peninsula.  Recently Fox News rated Tulum´s Bikini Boot Camp,where Yoga is a daily exercise,as the top place to get a beach body ready for vacation.  One thing is evident that the Riviera Maya has taken kindly to this ancient discipline.   

My instructor,a young lady from the Canada,asks the group to change positions,I oblige.  My concentration firmly focused on the repeated filling and emptying of my lungs from the fresh Sea air that blows off the Caribbean. 

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