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Yes,There Are Casinos in Mexico!

12 January, 2015

In 1993 the National
Action Party (PAN) began their project to reform the Federal Law of Gaming and
Raffles that existed in Mexico since 1947,which disallowed the existence of
casinos in Mexico.  In conjunction
with the Governor of Quintana Roo at the time,Mario Villanueva,a campaign
began to promote the development of casinos as a form to further develop the
tourist industry. Casinos were
thought to add another tourist attraction to the many natural beauties that the
country already possesses. 

The first casino in
Mexico began operations in 2005,with only slot machines,sports betting,and bingo
allowed. However,Roulette,video
blackjack,and Texas Hold´em Poker have since been introduced as legal

Today casinos employ
more than 30 thousand employees directly and another 100 thousand employees are
indirectly linked to the Mexican casino industry. There are now over 300 casinos,and over 70,000 slot
machines in operation throughout the country,including seven casino in Cancun
and two in Playa del Carmen. These
casinos house many of the same games that are found in Las Vegas.

Some government
officials are concerned of the massive investment realized in the industry
which is being diverted away from more fundamental necessities such as
affordable housing,and agricultural production. But it is difficult to turn away the nearly one hundred
million dollars generated in tax revenue in 2009. 

As the industry
matures more of the entertainment features found in Las Vegas such as musical
entertainment,VIP lounges,and night clubs are being added to offer a better
entertainment experience for the gamer. So next time you are in the Riviera Maya come and try your luck and live
the Las Vegas gaming sizzle with a Mexican touch!

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