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A Journey Into Paradise

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11 January, 2015

I moved down to the Riviera Maya nearly two and a half years ago with a passion to live the life in Paradise.  As many foreigners discover the beauty of Mexico and cannot seem to stay away,I was a victim of this same desire to make this heaven my home.

Fresh out of college,with a job lined up,a place to live and my friends awaiting my arrival,I made the move with ease and excitement.  It wasn’t until a few months after the move when I had to go back for my 90-pound pitbull that certain realities set in,and to be honest,were slightly nerve-racking.

Being out of the states,without insurance or familiar medics to turn to,what if my dog were to get sick or injured? More importantly,what if I were to need medical attention? 

Similar to many of the assumptions made about Mexico being a third-world country,I found myself in panic when my dog fell ill. As you can imagine,working minimum wage at an all-inclusive resort doesn’t necessarily leave much wiggle room financially.  A good friend was kind enough to give me a lift to a vet she had known,but without an appointment,it would be considered an emergency consultation,and therefore,inquire an extra fee.

The vet was fabulous,so kind,spoke great English and handled my huge beast with such confidence. I felt so extremely comfortable with the visit in its entirety and was even more enamored when I received the bill. The total price for the walk-in consultation and medication was less than $20 US dollars,in comparison to the hundreds of dollars you would pay in the States.

It wasn’t much to my surprise when I recently became sick with a severe sinus cold and needed to seek the help of a doctor.  A local,generic pharmacy had just opened down the street.  A dear friend had told me they had a doctor on-site daily and to stop by in the evening for a consultation. 

The doctor’s office was privately located inside the pharmacy with several chairs aligning the wall outside the door. The doctor called me in immediately for the examination and to see how he could help. After a quick revision he had painlessly diagnosed me and written a prescription for all the necessary medications I needed to get well. I stepped outside of his office,four feet to the right,paid for my four prescriptions and left. The cost of the consultation was 35 pesos,or approximately $2.70 US Dollars and all of my medications were purchased for under $15 US Dollars.

I was relieved to discover the simplicity of common medical practices and the quality of their services and facilities.  My life down here has been nothing short of easy-going and carefree since my arrival.  As a young lady,living abroad,I am constantly pleasantly surprised with the quality of life here. Not only is Mexico real estate a great place to live and call your home,it also offers great medical care for foreigners,Mexicans and pets alike.

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