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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico Real Estate: Nature’s Hangover Cure

11 January, 2015

Everyone has their own reason for coming to Mexico real estate,may it be the best beaches or to dive the second largest barrier reef in the world,the possibilities are endless. While many may be dreaming of relaxing next to the Caribbean drinking a Corona,others are motivated to enjoy the various activities Mexico has to offer.  Unfortunately,regardless of a traveler’s intentions,it is easy to get carried away and kick back a few too many tequilas,leaving you fuzzy and sometimes,dysfunctional the next day.

I have the perfect cure whose only side effect is utter amazement and addiction.

Imagine that you are so hungover you can barely think,your head is pounding,you're flushed with heat,hungry,but nauseous,all-in-all,miserable. Many will tell you to chug water,pop an aspirin,or to drink your way through the hangover. All of these methods have their risk and shortcomings.  Let me inform you of my,fool-proof hangover secret. 

A “cenote” is a deep sinkhole,filled with fresh water,created by the collapse of cavern roofs underground.  These cenotes are all connected and create an enormous underground fresh water system made of limestone. The ancient Mayans believed cenotes to be a passage to the underworld,truly sacred and magical.

Imagining how the Mayans used to depend on and respect these sacred wells just sends a chill down my spine as I explore the same waters they did. These amazing fresh waters are my absolute favorite part of the natural beauty the Yucatan Peninsula has to offer.  Whether you are swimming,snorkeling,diving or just enjoying the scenery,nobody can deny the true beauty and magic of a cenote.  Just the thought of visiting one gives me butterflies. 

When in these waters,one can sense the purity and tranquility of their surroundings,and for a moment,be taken back in time to enjoy the simplicity of nature’s beauty,as well as,it’s mystery. When gazing into the mouths of the caves underwater,all that proceeds is the dark unknown,which many experienced divers are able to explore. Cenotes are completely unique to the Yucatan Peninsula,with waters so clear that,while underwater,it would appear as though you are not submersed in water at all!

No matter if you are a diver,strong swimmer,or prefer to float,there is an undeniable magic about a cenote. A rejuvenating,refreshing power that will give anyone an uplifting burst of energy.  Hungover,or sober,you absolutely must experience the enchantment that a cenote has to offer. There are hundreds to visit,all special and beautiful in their own way. Drink all the tequila you want,just be aware of the nearest cenote when the hangover sets in the morning after… Cheers!!!

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