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A Journey Into Paradise

Is Mexico Safe for Traveling

07 October, 2014

Mexico, one of the world’s top vacation destinations and host to more than 40 million visitors annually with over 70% of whom vacation in the Riviera Maya. Mexico has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and along with it growing pains with sporadic episodes of violence along its US border towns. But, key tourism areas such as the Riviera Maya are actually statistically much safer than many other popular vacation destinations says official reports from the FBI and the U.N.

Media depicts Mexico dangerous without telling the whole story.
As reported by NationMaster.com  who uses official U.N. statistical data Mexico is not only safe but doesn’t even make the top list of 36 nations with the highest murder rates scoring  Sweden and even Switzerland as topping Mexico for violent crime. Additionally, as reported by the independent Prominex Report violent crime in the US is almost 5 times that of Mexico and that Mexico is statistically safer than the rural US even mild mannered Maine, Montana, Oregon, and Wyoming. Mexico sits 21st behind many other popular Caribbean Island resort areas that reportedly experience 4 times the violent crime rate of Mexico.

Mexico is safer than most US cities.
Everyday hundreds of thousands of people from around the globe safely visit popular US cities such as New York, LA, Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Chicago, Philly, Las Vegas, and Washington DC yet everyone of these cities are statistically much more dangerous than Mexico. More than 150,000 Americans safely visit Mexico every day without reported incident.

Politically fueled Media reports.
Unfortunately to sway public opinion and change immigration policies accurate statistics often become a casualty of ambitious political agendas. Fabricated stories such as “severed heads in the desert” make worldwide headlines. Eventually, the Governor of Arizona announced the story as baseless but not before it had successfully inflicted its intended damage of tarnishing Mexico’s image. FBI violent crimes chart below reports official FBI data, not political fabrications.

Fact vs. Fiction.
Mexico is actually much safer to visit than we are lead to believe. Statistically across the board the US and surprisingly even Canada has 4 times the violent crime rate than Mexico. Some major American and Canadian cities have 5 times the amount of violent crime rates than even Mexico City.

Setting the record straight.
After many months of sensationalized baseless stories about Mexico’s border violence USA Today finally reported the true facts about Mexico. While the report was used as an opportunity to revisit sensational tales USA Today finally set the record straight by reporting official violent crime rates accurately and truthfully.

Mexico is very safe for travelling.
Unless you are a criminal involved in the drug trade you are much safer and less likely to be a victim of violent crime in Mexico than you are anywhere in the US, Canada, and many other countries in the world.