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A Journey Into Paradise

We Got An Inside Look at the Home Depot Opening in Playa del Carmen

02 September, 2014

Everyone has been talking about the new Home Depot,which is set to open its doors in Playa del Carmen this Thursday,August 21. Last night,since we are a respected Construction company in the area,we were invited in early to get a sneak peek at the store and meet all of the managers and employees.  And wow - are we ever glad we actually brought the invite along,since they had security double checking invites just to enter the parking lot!

Most people probably don’t realize that Home Depot does cater to Professional construction businesses,as well as the regular folk who rely upon them for all of their everyday home repair and project needs. Last night,Home Depot revealed that 30% of their profits come from construction professionals  and purchases on proper Professional Home Depot accounts. To help this along,they provide a separate area for construction professionals, which provides a place for their unique needs to be serviced and allows them a separate checkout area. This also helps standard customers,who don’t have to wait forever in line behind someone who is buying what appears to be an entire forest of lumber!

The store was shiny,new,fantastically stocked (with more than 20,000 different products!) and full to the brim of fun stuff to make all of your home decor and remodeling fantasies come true.

The managers did a great presentation on their impressive list of services,including info about how big Home Depot has become in Mexico (108 stores),along with all the options available for their Professional clients.  Amazing food and refreshments were served,and there was even a raffle… And just guess who won the 32” LCD TV??? Investment Properties Mexico’s very own Head Architect and Construction Projects Manager,Gerardo Suarez!

The new store will be open to the public tomorrow,Thursday,August 21 and then will remain open 365 days a year,from 7am to 10pm. We'll see you there!

And don’t forget,if you can’t find exactly what you want when you are searching for your dream home in paradise,Investment Properties Mexico has the most reliable construction company in the area….."On Time,On Budget"We can build whatever you can dream up!