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A Journey Into Paradise

Top 6 Ways for Expats to Stay Fit in Cabo San Lucas,Mexico

31 August, 2014

Drinking margaritas by the pool and downing cervezas at the beach all day can only go on for so long before even the most burnt-out or determined to relax among us,will start to feel the need to get moving again.

As one of Mexico’s favorite outdoor playgrounds,Cabo offers residents plenty of fun and exciting mind and body wellness and exercise options for expats of every age and skill level,along with access to Mexico’s excellent healthcare system. Here we’ve put together a quick summary of the Calgary Herald’s top six ways for expats living in Cabo to get in shape this year: 


Whether you are new to this progressive and high-effective training style or have been into it for years,Cabo San Lucas offers access to Crossfit affiliates that can get you started or help you continue your regular workout regimen. Most will allow visitors from affiliates to come in and try out a class for the standard $20 U.S. drop-in fee; but first timers should also feel very welcome to try Crossfit for the first time in Cabo San Lucas. Just be sure to drink plenty of water and get ready to burn some serious calories.


After a few days at the gym or jogging on the beach (not to mention one day of Crossfit),you will probably be ready for a day of recuperation; and what better way to accomplish that goal than to take advantage of a legendary spa massage package at one of Cabo’s exclusive resorts,or even just indulge in a cheap beach massage. 

Standup Paddleboard

Not only is learning to use a standup paddleboard one of the greatest arm and core workouts you will ever experience,but it is also one of the best ways to experience the famed El Arco (the arch) of Cabo San Lucas. This distinctive and visually stunning rock formation is one of the region’s most recognizable landmarks and is also an excellent place to learn how to paddleboard. Here,the shallow,quiet beaches are also a favorite gathering place for sea lions.

Culinary Delights

Although Mexican food may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of healthy cuisine,the reality is that Cabo has emerged as a leader in the worldwide modern culinary scene,which includes a sharp focus on fresh,locally-sourced,organic and sustainable fare that is humanely raised. While here,many residents find themselves eating better than ever before – leaving behind the slew of pre-made,packaged (deadly) foods that have taken over supermarket shelves in much of the world and opting instead to enjoy the exotic favors of local fare that is also amazingly affordable and quite healthy.


No mind-body regimen would be complete without incorporating a bit of yoga into your routine,and Cabo San Lucas happens to be home to a variety of skilled instructors who offer classes outdoors on the beach and in other stunning natural locales throughout the region. Nothing points to finding your “Zen” like stretching luxuriously in the warm sunshine while the Sea of Cortez crashes hypnotically in the background.


Want defined abs and rock-hard glutes? Surfing doesn’t just have to be for the young California crowd. Cabo offers up fabulous waves and prime surf conditions all year long. In addition,there is a variety of instructors available who can do everything from making sure newbies get up safely for the first time,to helping seasoned switchback masters find the next big challenge. 

Have you been on an adventure in Mexico? If so,share your favorite experience with other readers in the comments section below!