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A Journey Into Paradise

Huffington Post Features One Woman’s Journey to Living in Mexico

07 July, 2014

In 2012 Brittney Borjeson visited the seaside town of Sayulita,Mexico,for the first time. Situated just 25 miles north of Puerto Vallarta and with less than 4,000 year-round residents,this picturesque coastal village was a far cry from what Borjeson was used to,after living in Boston and New York City for the last 13 years. Still,like so many expats and retirees now living in Mexico,she found herself falling in love with the area,which boasts a safe,laid-back atmosphere and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

“Borjeson decided to make a change,” writes the Huffington Post. “For the next year and a half,she rented a tiny studio in a family-run hotel and traveled the country gathering native crafts,a collection that would eventually become the contents of her first shop.”

Initially drawn to the stunning Pacific landscape,Borjeson found her ideal home on a hillside overlooking the sea. Designed in a Spanish style,complete with a tile roof and stucco walls,the home is everything she could have imagined and more. Cement platforms in the living room – a common feature in many homes throughout Mexico – are covered with soft cushions to form what resembles a sectional sofa,while the rustic coffee table is crafted from two unfinished neatly stacked plywood crates. 

“I came for what was supposed to be a short vacation,and two years later,I’m still here,” Borjeson jokingly told the Huffington Post. “I wake up to the sound of waves. I can see the ocean from every room in my house.”

The quiet,two-bedroom house lies just south of Sayulita and Borjeson drew inspiration when decorating from the local surroundings. Choosing to keep things in their natural form whenever possible,the terrace boasts a hand woven hammock nestled among banana leaves and bougainvillea. A contemporary chair from a local craftsman was wrapped in white vinyl to give it a clean look,while in the kitchen; whitewashed reed shads are accented with strips of linen to create a whimsical effect.

“Mexico is filled with so many beautiful things,” she shared.

Interestingly,almost all of the furniture in Borjeson’s home has been custom made by her or with help from local village artisans and craftsmen. Still,she says the culture and community of Sayulita is what ultimately drew her to settle here,above and beyond the region’s stunning natural beauty. Last year,she opened Evoke; a shop dedicated to showcasing the best Mexican crafts and other artifacts,with much of the merchandise first designed by Borjeson herself,and then made a reality by local artisans from the indigenous Huichol tribe. This year,she also opened Spirit,a smaller beachside boutique that is located close to Evoke and other shops that are owned by close friends. 

“My favorite design elements are the sea and the palm trees,” Borjeson shared.

Sayulita was once a quiet fishing village and today retains much of that original charm. Here,expats,tourists and locals intermingle in a relaxed environment without the feel of a major tourist destination. Sayulita is home to many picturesque beaches,excellent restaurants and plenty of shopping. Still,if you prefer world-class entertainment,nightlife,shopping and dining,the larger destination of Puerto Vallarta is just minutes away,ready to provide a never ending list of amenities and all the comforts of home. 

Even for those who live in or visit Puerto Vallarta itself,Sayulita provides a fabulous day trip getaway and is easily accessible via rental car,bus or taxi. Many Americans,Canadians and other expats from around the world own homes here,and the beach is a quick three-minute walk from anywhere in town. 

Where is your ideal seaside getaway in Mexico? Share your thoughts with other readers in the comments section below!

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