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News for Mexico Real Estate: How do I get my car to Mexico

02 July, 2014

You came to Mexico for a visit and realized that it was not what?  You thought it through and decided that what you really wanted was to move to the Riviera Maya and find the perfect little piece of paradise.  After visiting places such as Puerto Aventuras,Akumal,  and Tulum you found exactly what you were looking for and purchased the home of your dreams.   Your car is in a different country and you want to bring it with you so what is the next step?

These are all the thoughts that went through my head prior to moving.  I really wanted to bring my car and did not want to drive cross country to get it here.  I did my research and figured out what was needed. I want to share my experience because it truly is simple and hassle free if you adhere to the process.

First you must go online and contact Banjercito ( to obtain a temporary importation sticker.  The website is in Spanish and English and very easy to navigate. For US citizens the documentation required is as follows:  copies of car title,passport,drivers license and  an employee identification number (  You can apply on line and pay with credit card on the Banjercito website.  Get the sticker in the US and bring it with you.  Banjercito will mail the sticker through certified mail and a signature will be required so make sure someone will be at the mailing address.  After 3 times if they cannot deliver,the sticker goes back to Banjercito and you will have to apply and pay for a new one.  

I shipped my car from Fort Lauderdale through Hyde Shipping ( they explained the procedure for dropping off car in the US and picking it up in Mexico.  One week after taking my car to Hyde it arrived safely in Puerto Morelos.  Prior to sending the car over make sure it is completely empty because customs agents will inspect the vehicle and either remove all items from car or not let you take the car out of the port.  

If you follow the steps getting your car into this beautiful country will be a breeze and you will be able to enjoy the freedom of having your own car in Mexico real estate.  Happy travels!!!

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