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Swimming Lessons in Playa del Carmen,Mexico

28 March, 2014

Water-related activities are central to life in Playa del Carmen,Mexico,whether that means enjoying a day at the pool,relaxing on the beach or snorkeling,to name only a few of the many possibilities. Adults and children of all ages can benefit from becoming more comfortable and increasing confidence in the water,and the Kiin-ha Sports Academy is Playa’s go-to spot for swimming lessons.

Situated just west of the Carretera about one block west of Constituyentes,Kiin-ha is a world-class recreation center with two large pools,including a 25-meter lap pool that is used for swimming lessons and a special area with a smaller heated pool for babies and young children. Here,countless tunnels and fountains create a whimsical atmosphere that is designed to keep children engaged for hours. The facility is completely indoors and also offers open swim hours in the larger pools. 

Separate locker rooms are available for men,women and families with children,including a separate area with changing tables,lower sinks and showers with detachable heads that make it easy to give little ones a quick bath. If swimming becomes more of a passion than playtime,Kiin-ha has a variety of swim teams available to join and also hosts swim competitions throughout the year. In fact,many competitions are open to swimmers of all ages and skill levels – from babies to adults!

Children as young as three months are invited to learn how to swim at Kiin-ha and special classes have been designed to meet the unique needs of infants. Other offerings include special swim classes for expectant mothers,adults and older children. Joining a program at the Kiin-ha Sports academy is also an excellent way for ex-pats in Playa del Carmen of any age to make new friends in the local community and offers a safe,fun learning environment that integrates a variety of health and fitness initiatives.

Classes are grouped by age as follows: 3-28 months,28 months-4 years,4-14 years,15 years and up. Prices are determined by how many classes you sign up for weekly,with options ranging from as little as one class per week,to as many as five. To make scheduling a breeze for busy parents,the infant and children’s classes are offered three times every day throughout the week and once on Saturdays. Classes for swimmers ages 15 and up are offered hourly every day from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The recreation center also offers a variety of other fitness programs and opens its doors each day at 6 a.m.,making it the ideal place for a quick workout to start your day off right. In addition to swimming,Kiin-ha offers a variety of popular fitness classes,including aerial dance,Crossfit,jiu jitsu,self-defense classes,Tae Kwon Do and many more. Squash courts are available for rent by the hour.

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