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A Journey Into Paradise

New Time Warner Phone Service Allows Free Calls to Expats in Mexico

09 March, 2014

It is easier than ever for the more than 1 million expats living in Mexico to stay in touch with friends and family in the U.S.,thanks to Time Warner Cable’s (TWC) new Unlimited Home Phone calling plan. The new service includes free calling to both landline and mobile numbers in Mexico and allows free and unlimited calls to be placed at any time of the day or night.

“The expansion of our most popular phone plan to include unlimited calls to Mexico will bring huge value to the millions of TWC home phone users who have friends and family in Mexico,” stated Jeff Lindsay,a general manager for TWC.

Also included in the plan are other popular features at no additional charge,such as caller ID,call waiting,3-way calling,selective call acceptance,selective call blocking,selective call forwarding,answer anywhere and enhanced 911. Mexico joins Canada,Puerto Rico,Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands on the list of foreign countries included in TWC’s Unlimited Home Phone calling plan.

This latest service is but one of the many advances in technology and infrastructure that have made Mexico the No. 1 destination for Americans living abroad,as living and/or retiring overseas has gained dramatically in popularity recently for expats from around the world. Mexico’s popular expat destinations offer a quality of living that is both luxurious and affordable,with easy access to every modern amenity they enjoyed at home and then some. Familiar brand names,cable and satellite TV,Internet access,close proximity to the U.S. and international airports,state of the art infrastructure,affordable high-quality healthcare and countless real estate bargains are the norm in these areas. 

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Popular expat communities in Mexico include Cancun,Playa del Carmen,Puerto Aventuras,Akumal,Puerto Morelos and Tulum in the Riviera Maya along the nation’s Caribbean coast,as well as Puerto Vallarta,Cabo San Lucas and La Paz on the Pacific coast. These areas are also popular tourist destinations that offer a low-key atmosphere with first-class urban amenities,not to mention a safer living environment and lower crime rate than many U.S. cities.

“What you don’t get from most reports in the U.S. is the statistical evidence that Americans are less likely to face violence on average in Mexico than at home,particularly when you zero in on Mexico’s most popular travel destinations,” writes Lonely Planet.

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