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A Journey Into Paradise

Yucatan Dreams

16 February, 2014

As I sit here watching another gorgeous sunset on my own slice of beachfront property on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula,I stop and wonder – how did this happen to me? After more than 25 years of dreaming about this moment,I’ve finally made that dream a reality. Here’s how I did it:

After visiting the Caribbean as a teenager,I fell in love at first sight with the clear blue water,soft white sand and countless stars twinkling in the sky over the ocean at night. Sometimes,it seemed as though they were calling my name,begging me to return and never to leave their soft,otherworldly glow. But how would this be possible? The closest I could get was a few weeks in the summer between high school and college that I spent living on the eastern coast of the US,where I learned quite a bit about the unique culture that accompanies virtually all vacation-oriented beach communities. After that,I managed to visit the Caribbean each year,but I always dreamed of the day when I would be able to live there permanently.

When I reached my mid-30s I had begun to lose sight of my dream,despite the many vacations spent on stunning tropical islands. The problem was that many of them were very expensive,especially when taxes and the cost of building were taking into consideration,and the locals were not always entirely friendly in their dealings with foreigners. 

Then,I happened to visit Mexico’s stunning Yucatan Peninsula and Costa Maya,which is located on the Caribbean Sea and is arguably one of the most beautiful places on earth. It made such a huge impression on me that within six months I had sold everything in the US and had permanently moved to Mexico to live and work. 

Now,I enjoy brilliant sunsets every night. They are like marvelous canvases that are painted and destroyed with the passing of each and every day,blending rich reds,bright oranges and deep purples to create a brief masterpiece for all to behold. Here,the beach is strewn with shells of all shapes and sizes,delighting beachcombers from all walks of life. The shell line that is deposited daily by the tide is more than a meter wide and stretches all the way to the horizon in both directions.

But coming here for a visit remains the best way to understand just how beautiful the Mexican Caribbean really is. It is my personal belief that everyone should have the opportunity to walk in these velvety sands and enjoy the sunsets and shell lines firsthand. In just a few days you will be hooked. And the trip simply could not be easier – just fly into the Cancun International Airport and we will help you make the short trip to Merida,Playa del Carmen or Tulum. 

When you decide that buying your own piece of heaven in the Mexican Caribbean sounds like a good idea,we can take you to a variety of properties that suit your budget and lifestyle,helping you locate the best possible location for your unique needs. We will also be happy to help you with all legal aspects of the sale,as well as closing on the property. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and book a viewing trip with no high-pressure selling and no obligation to buy!