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A Journey Into Paradise

Whale Sharks in the Mexican Caribbean

20 January, 2014

If you've ever wondered why anyone would choose to live in the Mexican Caribbean,you should understand that it often goes well beyond the stunning beaches and laid-back lifestyle that this stunning corner of the world has to offer. In fact,nature lovers,partiers and entrepreneurs are also attracted to living in Mexico,where there is truly something for everyone.

It is immediately apparent that Mexico's urban centers are located in the midst of gorgeous tropical foliage and wildlife,which makes nature tours one of the most popular activities for residents and visitors alike. From the crystal-clear depths of the Caribbean Sea to the thick,verdant jungle,there are a wide variety of adventures to choose from,making it a breeze to find something that will suit any skill level. Then,when it is time to return to town and relax,you can choose from some of the finest shopping,nightlife and dining opportunities in the world,or check out some of the local real estate if investing is on your mind. 

Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula is also home to one of the largest populations of whale sharks in the world. Here,these magnificent creatures can be observed in their natural environment,making the Mexican Caribbean a favorite diving destination between the months of June and August each year. At more than 30 feet in length,whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean,yet are harmless,toothless filter-feeders that feast only on plankton and swim non-stop in an effort to locate tiny,microscopic food particles. 

Many local fishermen double as tour guides here during the summer months,taking visitors out into the ocean to experience firsthand the mystical experience of swimming with these enormous yet gentle creatures in their natural environment. Since they typically feed very close to the surface,no scuba gear is required.