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A Journey Into Paradise

Unspoiled Beaches of the Yucatan

20 January, 2014

The hype surrounding the town of Merida,which is the capital of Mexico's Yucatan state,has continued to grow over the last year. In fact,many local and international newspapers and other media outlets are calling the city of Merida one of the fastest growing and developing in all the entire country.

Considering Merida's economic appeal,strong cultural ties and close proximity to the Yucatan Bay,it is no surprise that the city has experienced a yearly growth rate of more than 30% in recent years. The area's pristine white sand beaches are a stone's throw from some of the newest modern developments in the region,which feature a variety of second “getaway” homes and villas for sale. Known as the “Turquoise Coast,” the Yucatan is experiencing a surge in buyers looking for beachfront real estate at a relative bargain,compared with many other parts of the world. 

The real estate boom has caused the economy of the region to strengthen considerably,which has increased property values steadily in response to the dwindling supply of beachfront lots. Although this has also attracted a variety of newcomers to the region,along with a variety of financial benefits available for beachfront investors,we have been careful to ensure that the current boom does not affect the beauty of the area or the privacy of property owners.

The Yucatan is home to a variety of gated beachfront residential communities,which offer spacious sandy beachfront lots where you can build a permanent residence or special retreat to enjoy when you are on vacation. These gated communities offer investors a fantastic opportunity to benefit and become a part of the growing economic progress in the Yucatan Peninsula,which allows residents and visitors alike to experience the luxurious yet laid-back beachfront lifestyle at a bargain price. 

The gated communities of the Yucatan offer a fair amount of privacy on the beach,as well as a well-planned community design that allows buyers to make the most of the breathtaking views and relaxing atmosphere. For hundreds of years savvy investors have profited from beachfront property,and this period of worldwide financial uncertainty is no exception. Don't put it off another day – schedule a viewing trip and experience firsthand all that the Yucatan Peninsula has to offer – before the secret gets out!