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A Journey Into Paradise

Tulum: Prime Caribbean Beach Life

20 January, 2014

Of all the beautiful beaches around the world, if I had to single one out as my absolute favorite and place it in a category by itself, I would probably have to choose the sandy shores of Tulum, Mexico. Time and again, the spectacular beauty of this area sets it far apart.

In Tulum, turquoise waters glisten happily, while gentle, crystal clear waves brush up against the finest of powdery white sands. Every so often a rocky outcropping appears, speckled with palm trees reaching upwards to the sun.

The sand here? It’s the real thing, not some type of phony silica that is trying to be sand. In it, you can actually see many original tiny fossils of microscopic plankton. No matter how overbearing the sun might become, you will never burn your feet on this soft white sand. All you will feel is a silky soft texture that will remind you of baby powder. The beaches of Tulum run like a magic strip of white carpet all the way to Cancun, which lies just 80 miles to the north. Hurricanes have yet to claim these deep beaches (as they did in Cancun) and so Tulum’s pristine coast remains intact.

Even though fabulous Mayan ruins rest all along Tulum’s south side, the large crowds of Cancun and Playa del Carmen are still nowhere to be seen. This city is still ‘off the grid,’ so to speak, a reality that is sure to shift with the construction of a new international airport, which is scheduled to begin later this year. But today, Tulum is still free of large resorts and roaring discos. Here, you’ll only find low-key, ultra-chic cabanas, elegant boutique hotels and a young international following looking for a relaxing venue to rest and partake of some of the world’s most delicious cuisine.

As if things couldn’t get better, Tulum borders the 1.5 million acre protected Sian Ka’an Biosphere, which means that the untamed jungle and mangrove ruins will not be eclipsed by unsightly industrial sprawl. The truth is that Tulum, along with Mexico’s entire Southern Caribbean Coast, is one of the last great undeveloped portions of the Caribbean coastline.