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A Journey Into Paradise

Top 3 Pet Daycare and Boarding Facilities in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

20 January, 2014

Ex-pats with pets who are living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, have several high-quality day care and boarding options to choose from if and when they ever decide to venture out and travel elsewhere. In fact, the facilities in and around Playa and throughout the Riviera Maya rival any that can be found in the U.S. at a fraction of the cost!

Fortunately, it is now easier than ever to bring your dog to Mexico, whether you are planning to stay for just a few months at a time,or planning to move here permanently. Just be sure to contact your veterinarian and the airline you will be traveling with to make sure the paperwork is in order and no restrictions apply.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of our top 3 picks for pet daycare and boarding facilities in Playa del Carmen:

Dog Holiday

Located just west of the main highway in a quiet neighborhood, Dog Holiday offers outdoor shaded “rooms” and the dogs are divided up according to size and temperament to play and hang out during the day. They also offer obedience training and are experienced with long stays as well as short daytime visits. 24-hour supervision ensures your pet is safe and closely monitored,while shuttle transportation and grooming services make the entire process even easier on owners.

“We take our overly rambunctious Mexican street dog, Gypsy, to Dog Holiday three times a week,just for the day,” write Playa residents Tony and Cheri in a review on independent website intheroo.com. “Without it,her energy is uncontrollable. She loves it there,and they are wonderful with the dogs. They take great care to make sure the dogs that like each other can play together, and those that don’t get along stay apart. They are very professional and caring.”

For more information
(984) 135 2616
Web site: www.dogholiday.com.mx.

Cuatro Patas

Situated in the southern portion of Playa proper, this smaller boutique facility is known for its hands-on approach to pet care. The animals actually get taken home with the owners each night and are not made to sleep in cages, and the dogs are always walked two or three times a day. A full-time vet is on staff and grooming services as well as a pet taxi are also available. Cuatro Patas – which means “four paws” – can accommodate both short and longer stays and also houses a high-quality pet shop that sells packaged and fresh pet food.

For more information
(984) 803 1128 or click here to view Cuatro Patas on Facebook. 

Castillo Canino

The newest addition to Playa del Carmen’s selection of pet daycare and boarding services, Canino Castillo is a much larger facility that offers a wide range of services, including a pool for the animals, a large grassy play area, pure filtered water, single rooms with air conditioning and extractor fans, a full-service spa, training and first-rate veterinary care. Not just for the dogs in your family, Canino Castillo also offers luxury services for cats, including various toys, beds, and plenty of attention.

For more information
(984) 147 6512
Wbe Site: www.castillocanino.com.

What’s your biggest concern about bringing a pet to Mexico? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll be happy to help!

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