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A Journey Into Paradise

Merida,Mexico,Named Best Place to Retire

20 January, 2014

In recent years,Mexico and specifically the town of Merida,have routinely been named as the best places in the world to retire abroad by respected US and worldwide publications like USA Today and the Wall Street Journal.

In fact,Mexico rose five places on the 2007 Retirement Index and became that year's “Top Retirement Haven,” in the entire world. It also joins the ranks of Bangkok,Budapest and San Francisco in earning the prestigious distinction of being named one of the world's top “New Hot Cities,” as reports consistently show that Merida has become increasingly popular among expats looking to relocate or retire abroad. 

Why does the world love Merida so much? Perhaps because it manages to attain an interesting mixture of traditional and contemporary Mexican culture,modern amenities and an affordable cost of living. In addition,Merida boasts a fabulous,warm climate all year long and a strong sense of culture. It is also home to a wide variety of excellent shopping and dining opportunities,as well as high quality healthcare and reasonably priced real estate. The private healthcare clinics and hospitals of Merida are run by US and European trained physicians,or those who attended some of Mexico's top-rated medical schools,but the cost of care and medication remains well below the cost of comparable services in the US.

Merida's low cost of living and affordable real estate remains one of the city's most attractive features,with new developments being planned regularly to keep up with demand. Despite this growth,the value of Merida properties continues to appreciate rapidly,especially downtown where older colonial homes with exceptional architectural charm are being restored and repurposed as boutique hotels,restaurants and shops.

Also of note,the stunning shores of Yucatan Bay are found nearby,serving to attract the interest of savvy investors from around the world. Located just a short drive from downtown Merida,the white sand beaches are a perfect place to while away the day or enjoy the many activities that can be found here. Many gated communities are located along the beaches here,offering direct access to the stunning Mexican Caribbean Sea,and virtually every amenity you could desire.