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A Journey Into Paradise

Get A Taste of Mexico’s Riviera Maya

20 January, 2014

Everyone knows that Mexico’s Riviera Maya is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth,but what about the local cuisine? The truth is,real Mexican fare is created using a wide variety of fresh vegetables and other local ingredients,such as avocado,lime,chilies,chocolate and homemade corn tortillas.

Blending culinary influences that can be traced back to the ancient Maya with diverse flavors introduced by Italian immigrants,Spanish conquerors and modern Mexican people,the Riviera Maya is brimming with flavor and possibility. Situated on the Yucatan Peninsula along Mexico’s only Caribbean coast,Riviera Maya real estate offers opportunities investors typically only get to dream about.

Here,visitors and foodies from around the world can enjoy an intoxicating blend of local wines,mezcal tastings,cooking demonstrations and chic new restaurants,along with some of the world’s most fantastic beaches. Resorts throughout the Riviera Maya,Playa del Carmen and Tulum regularly offer elaborate Mayan feasts,and sometimes the meals are even cooked over a fire or served in as many as six courses,providing a unique experience for guests that will likely be topped off by traditional dancers for entertainment.

No wonder Hollywood A-listers like Michelle Williams,Tom Cruise,George Clooney – to name only a few – are spotted here regularly,soaking up the sun and enjoying all that this tropical paradise has to offer. Just a short drive from the large international airport in Cancun,the beach towns of Mexico’s Riviera Maya are brimming with fabulous food,ancient Mayan ruins and soft,powdery white sand beaches – what more could any traveler ask for?

While here,be sure to enjoy an authentic Tamal,which in the U.S. is often referred to as a tamale. The difference is that the Riviera Maya version will likely contain a number of unique ingredients,such as wild mushrooms,poblano chili sauce and other goodies contained in a corn wrapper. Then,grab a soothing glass of Xtabentún – a type of traditional Mayan liquor made from anise,rum honey and lime with a salted rim – to wash it down and you’ll begin to understand why some of the world’s most accomplished chefs are rushing to introduce Mayan flavors in today’s most exclusive restaurants.

Other favorite dishes in the Riviera Maya include enchiladas stuffed with potatoes and leeks served with yellow mole sauce,gnocchi with Mexican pesto sauce,the use of ground chia leaves in place of basil,slow cooked spicy deer meat,a variety of shellfish and – of course – authentic chiles rellenos,which are stuffed poblano peppers. Mexican wines are generally paired with the spices in each meal instead of with the meat,while beer tastings provide another popular way to pair locally produced adult beverages with traditional cuisine.

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