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A Journey Into Paradise

The Tropical Flowers of Riviera Maya Real Estate

19 January, 2014

Resembling so many priceless gems,the gorgeous tropical flowers of Mexico’s Riviera Maya real estate add drama and texture to the landscape,providing a rich collage of color that can only be found in the Caribbean. And the best part is that many of these beautiful flowers can be seen growing right in your own backyard,should you decide to reside full time,or even just visit the region.

Bird of Paradise

Characterized by a spectacular bloom that actually resembles the beak and head plumage of some wildly exotic bird,this plant can grow to reach five feet in height,with stiff,leathery bluish gray leaves. The long-stemmed flowers rise up from the plant with many pointed petals of orange,bright blue,white,and are often tinged in red or purple.


First brought to the Mexican Caribbean from Brazil in the early 1700s,the Bougainvillea was already well adapted to the tropical climate and today grows abundantly throughout the Riviera Maya. This versatile plant can grow as either a shrub,tree or vine and boasts rich,dark green heart-shaped leaves and bright pink,red,orange,white or yellow flowers that cover almost every inch of the plant. 

Night Blooming Jasmine

Also known as “Lady of the Night,” this fascinating flower only gives off its signature sultry scent after sundown. In fact,you will begin to notice the exotic aroma within minutes of sundown,but the plant gives no hint of its seemingly magical powers during daylight hours. The three to five-inch white flowers appear throughout the spring and summer in cycles and turn to a pale yellow as they reach maturity.


Actually an evergreen shrub,this plant is exceptionally fast growing and is typically trimmed with regularity to keep it between six and ten feet in height. Oleanders are very hardy and display cheerful white,red,pink,salmon or yellow blooms that give off an exquisite fragrance throughout the summer months.