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A Journey Into Paradise

The Exotic Fruits of Riviera Maya Real Estate

19 January, 2014

Many first-time visitors to Mexico’s Riviera Maya are astonished to discover that there are a wide variety of exotic native fruits found throughout the region. These local treasures are largely unknown in other parts of the world and are just one of the many things that make the Mexican Caribbean one of the most intriguing places on earth. 

The exotic fruits found in Mexico’s Riviera Maya come in a number of different shapes and sizes. And the flavors are so unique that you may never feel the same way about apples,oranges,bananas and other more “typical” fruits. Following,we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular fruits that grow in Riviera Maya real estate.


With thick green skin and soft white flesh,this fruit is very sweet when fully ripe and is very versatile. It is often used to make mousse,smoothies,as a topping for ice cream,or simply eaten raw with condensed milk.


Weighing in at up to five pounds,the guanabana fruit grows on trees throughout the Riviera Maya and boasts a dark green skin covering white pulp and black seeds. It is best for use in desserts and refreshments,or just eaten plain with a bit of sugar or condensed milk.


This oval shaped fruit is found on trees that grow up to 70 feet high. It has a yellow skin with reddish,salmon-colored or white flesh with a distinct aroma. Guayaba fruit is excellent for use in jelly,preserves,sorbet,fruity beverages and can also be eaten raw.


Similar in size to a large sweet potato,the mamey fruit has a thick brown skin and pinkish,salmon-colored flesh with one large seed. The taste is also similar to a (candied) sweet potato and can be eaten raw after removing the skin.


The tart flavor and refreshing quality of the maracuya fruit makes it perfect for making juice,popsicles or jelly. You will know it is ripe by the wrinkled skin and the tiny seeds and the flesh are edible.

Red Banana

Much sweeter than a yellow banana,the red banana is one of seven types of bananas found in the Riviera Maya and boasts a flavor that is more like a berry,with pink flesh and a reddish-purple skin. This fruit can be eaten raw and is often used to make smoothies or banana bread.

Sea Grapes

Also known as Uva del Mar,this fruit is found all along the coastline and is very sweet when eaten raw. They are also excellent when made into a jelly and served on toast with butter.


Resembling a large pea pod,the tamarind is dried and the hard shell is peeled back before the skin is discarded and the interior pulp is eaten. The edible portion of a tamarind is dark brown and tangy,often used as a souring agent in Mexico,or to flavor a hot sauce mixed with chipotle peppers.