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A Journey Into Paradise

Riviera Maya Real Estate: Spider Monkeys of the Riviera Maya

19 January, 2014

Although spider monkeys are located in a wide variety of destinations throughout the tropical regions of Central and South America,their presence is not loved anywhere as it is in the Rivera Maya along Mexico’s only Caribbean coast. These charming primates make their homes in the treetops,but are also seen regularly along the ground. 

It is common to see these creatures swinging from one branch to the next,or stopping for a meal in the forest canopy. There are a variety of different species of spider monkey,but the Central American spider monkey is what is found throughout the Riviera Maya. One of the larger varieties,these athletic monkeys weigh in between 15 and 18 pounds and are recognizable by their very long arms,legs and tail. 

Usually,spider monkeys are black and brown with a white belly,and they also boast white and pink facial markings that are unique to each individual and make it easy to identify specific monkeys. They also exhibit interesting social characteristics,living in closed social units consisting of anywhere from 18 to 30 monkeys that are slow to accept newcomers. Members of these communities often spend their days in solitude,taking care of individual business,but typically come together for group time every evening. 

Spider monkeys rely on a wide variety of plants for sustenance,regularly consuming more than 125 different plant varieties throughout the year. Interestingly,they prefer to eat while hanging or moving about in the treetops. Like other primates,spider monkeys also enjoy eating the many native fruits of the region,which can be found growing wild throughout  Riviera Maya real estate.

Visitors to the Riviera Maya enjoy unprecedented access to these unusual primates,and you are likely to be presented with plenty of opportunities to photograph them at rest,at work and at play. It is important to refrain from feeding the monkeys,however,and also to avoid chasing or trying to capture them. Abiding by these simple rules will help to ensure that spider monkeys are around for visitors to enjoy for many years to come!