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A Journey Into Paradise

Popular Trees in Riviera Maya Real Estate

19 January, 2014

The tropical flowers,vegetation and greenery of Mexico’s Riviera Maya are truly a wonder to behold. With thousands of species that thrive throughout the region,it can be a gardener’s paradise. Here are a few of the most popular trees found in Riviera Maya real estate.

Almond Tree

Seen throughout the tropics and Mexico,the Almond tree thrives here because it is resistant to salt. Standing around 30 feet high at maturity,it boasts horizontal branches that grow in circles from various places on the trunk and produces flat,almond-shaped edible fruits. 

Banana Tree

Originally brought to Mexico from Africa,a variety of species with edible bananas thrive in the Riviera Maya. In addition to the fruit,the trees are used to build thatched roofs,feed cattle,create clothing and medicine,as well as dye,alcohol,vinegar and packing material,to name only a few!

Cassia Tree

This gorgeous flowering tree originally came from India and is characterized by a shower of bright yellow blossoms that appear to be raining from the branches of the tree when it is in bloom. It is used mainly for its beauty as a decorative tree in parks and landscaping. 

Ceiba Tree

Believed to be sacred by the ancient Mayans,the Ceiba tree is one of the largest trees found in the Riviera Maya and can grow hundreds of feet tall. It produces black,oblong seedpods containing white floss resembling cotton that was used to stuff pillows,mattresses and life preservers. 

Chicle Tree

Standing around 60 feet at maturity,the Chicle tree produces ‘chicle,’ a type of sap that is obtained from tapping the tree and is used to make chewing gum. The fruit is delicious raw and can also be made into preserves and syrup. 

Flame of the Forest

This beauty has thick clusters of bright red or orange blossoms that are first seen early in the spring and last until late summer. Amazingly,one petal on each of the blossoms is white and its seeds are often used to make necklaces.

Mango Tree

Originally coming to the Riviera Maya from India,the Mango tree does very well in the tropical climate and bears delicious fruits from March through October. It also provides excellent shade and its leaves were traditionally used to clean teeth and gums. 

Palm Tree

The human fascination with palm trees can be traced back to prehistoric times and regularly grow to more than 100 feet in height. Coconuts are the seed of the palm tree and supply a source of food,oil and Vitamin B.