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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico’s Health Care Offers Excellent Care at Affordable Prices

19 January, 2014

Most Americans have little knowledge of what health care is like in Mexico,but the reality could be far more impressive than you might think.

For example,doctor’s offices in expat havens like Mérida are clean,cheerful,and have the same equipment you would find in high-quality facilities stateside. Doctors and nurses speak English and enjoy taking their time with patients,developing state of the art treatment plans to address your health concerns.

But perhaps the best thing about visiting a doctor’s office in Mexico is the fact that it will only cost around 500 pesos,which translates to around $40. Medication costs are comparable – often the visit fee plus the medication will be less than the cost of a visit alone in the U.S.

The high quality and low cost of healthcare in Mexico is continuing to astound expats,who get to experience it firsthand. Doctors and dentists are typically enthusiastic,speak fluent English,and operate modern,innovative medical practices that take full advantage of the latest medical breakthroughs.

In both large and mid-sized cities throughout Mexico,you will find a large number of different hospitals,specialty clinics and private practices where the quality of care often rivals that which can be found in the U.S. or Canada. And all of the major expat destinations in Mexico real estate have at least two state of the art hospitals.

Take Mérida on Mexico’s eastern coast,for example. Here you will find the Star Médica Hospital and the Clínica de Mérida,along with several other facilities. Also,the Riviera Maya and Cancun are home to some of the country’s best facilities,including Hospital Galenia and Grupo Hospiten. On the country’s western coast in Puerto Vallarta there are private hospitals like the CMQ,Amerimed and the Cornerstone Hospital. And Lake Chapala has easy access to hospitals in Guadelajara as well as local clinics.

When you are considering buying real estate or living in another country,it is always a good idea to begin by scouting out the health care that is available. And when it comes to quality of care and affordability,Mexico is already tough to beat and the quality of care and facilities is increasing all the time.