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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico Offers High Quality,Affordable Health Care

19 January, 2014

For those who live in sunny Mexico real estate,high quality health care is not only affordable,but it is also readily available,even on weekends and holidays. In fact,a trip to the emergency room will generally cost less than $50,including medications,which is much less than you can expect to pay in the U.S.,even with great insurance. 

Great health care is one of the perks of living in Mexico,and one of the most appreciated services among expats and retirees. Regardless of the type of procedure you require,health care in Mexico costs between a quarter to a half – even when paying out of pocket – that the same services would cost in the U.S. For example,even specialty doctors only charge between $35 and $50 per visit,while overnight hospital stays,including a semi-private room – can cost as little as $80 per night. Even lab tests,medical devices and hearing aids are affordable and cost much less than what many expats were used to paying.

Although it is often possible to pay out of pocket for these services,health insurance is also easy to obtain and very affordable. If you have obtained a residence visa,you will qualify to sign up for Mexico’s nationalized health plan,IMSS,which offers a cost of around $300 a year for those 60 and older. There are also a wide variety of private health insurance plans available with variable rates that are still quite a bit less than comparable plans in the U.S. 

Perhaps the best thing about health care in Mexico is the high quality of care you will receive. Many of Mexico’s doctors,including those who work in public and private hospitals,have studied outside of Mexico in the U.S.,Canada and Europe. They also make it a priority to stay up-to-date in their field and often speak excellent English. 

Most of Mexico’s cities and resort towns have several top-notch hospitals to choose from,and there are a wide variety of high-quality private hospital chains that operate throughout the country. Two of the most popular are Angeles Health Services group,which is the largest private hospital chain in the country,and Star Medica. Angeles Health Services has 23 hospitals located in 14 cities,while Star Medica locations can be found in five cities. There are also two U.S.-based hospital chains in Mexico,namely Christus Muguerza and CIMA,which are renowned for offering excellent care and are found throughout the northern areas of the country. 

Regardless of the type of health care,hospital or clinic you select,the level of care will impress you,both for its affordability and quality. Mexico’s health care facilities pride themselves on providing an outstanding patient experience for locals and expats.