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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico’s Wine Country – One of Mexico Real Estate’s Many Surprises

19 January, 2014

Most people know Mexico is an excellent place for those who love tequila and beer,but what about wine and champagne? As it turns out,Mexico is home to a large number of vineyards that produce a wide variety of excellent wine. The country’s best-known wine region is located in Baja California near Ensenada,which lies just about an hour south of the U.S. border,but there are also high quality vineyards located in other parts of the country. 

These producers supply all of Mexico’s tourist destinations with excellent local wines and homegrown champagne. One popular vineyard is located in Queretaro in the Colonial Highlands and produces champagne that is not only delicious,but also very affordable at only $12 per bottle. The vineyard is a Mexican subsidiary of Freixenet,a Spanish winery known for its sparkling wine. In Mexico,it produces nearly 24 varieties of sparkling and still whites,reds and rosés from locally grown grapes.

Tasting tours of Mexico’s wineries can be a fun way to explore parts of the country that are off the beaten path,and the vineyard at Cavas Freixenet de Mexico is located only one hour from Queretaro. In fact,there are three main wine producing regions in Mexico real estate,all found in the northern and central parts of the country. 

The first is the Norte region,which includes Baja California’s Guadalupe and Calafia Valleys,plus the neighboring state of Sonora. There is also the La Laguna area in Coahuila and Durango states,as well as the Central region’s Colonial Highlands states of Aguascalientes,Zacatecas and Queretaro. 

When it comes to taste,Mexico’s white wines are often on the sweet side and it may take some experimenting to find a variety that suits your palate. For this reason,it’s always advisable to taste a wine before committing to a bottle whenever possible. Remember,Mexico as a nation is still in the early stages of becoming a serious wine-producing country and its wines are steadily improving. Winemaking schools are opening and wine makers from other countries are coming to lend a hand,planting vines in areas like Baja’s Guadalupe Valley.

The best bet? Take a wine tour and find a new vintage that allows you to enjoy wine from a place you may have never considered.

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