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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico Real Estate Offers Excellent,Affordable Dental Care

19 January, 2014

Although high quality affordable dental care probably isn’t one of the first things you imagine when you think about Mexico,the reality is that expat havens like the Riviera Maya and Merida on the Yucatan Peninsula offer just that. 

Not only do Mexico’s dental offices provide top of the line,cost-effective dental care,but it is also easy to get an appointment,and dentists here can do everything from standard cleaning to serious cosmetic procedures. For example,a new cap that is perfectly fitted and color matched to your teeth can cost $300 or less,although a similar procedure in the United States would typically run between $600 and $1,500. 

Where else can you find great quality dental work at half (or less) the cost of the same procedures in the U.S.?

Although some dentists practice out of converted offices in their homes,others work in modern specialized clinics. Either way,the standard of care is excellent,but the price does go up somewhat in fancy new facilities. Regardless,an average price for a checkup and cleaning is around $45,and fillings generally cost around $60. Although more complicated procedures vary in price depending on the situation,all work will be much less than you would pay anywhere in the U.S.

One of the best things about the low cost of dental care in Mexico real estate is the fact that you can pay cash for most procedures,and dentists are often willing to work out easy payment terms on those that are more expensive. Also,if you have obtained health insurance,claims can be submitted for reimbursement. 

Furthermore,the local university,Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán,or UADY,offers an excellent dental program,which helps to ensure that your doctor will be highly skilled and up to date on all of the latest technologies. And of course,most dentists in the region speak fluent English.

When selecting your dental office,take the time to shop around and find a facility you are comfortable in. Regardless of what you choose,you will discover that dentists throughout the Riviera Maya – including Tulum,Cancun and Playa del Carmen – pride themselves on having an excellent bedside manner and high quality service that can be tough to find even at high-cost U.S. offices. It’s common for dentists in Mexico to give you their cell phone numbers in case you have a question,and a quoted price is unlikely to change,even if the procedure takes longer or is more complicated than originally anticipated. 

Amazingly,dental care in Mexico is so affordable that you may be able to combine a procedure with a mini vacation and still spend less than you would without dental insurance in the United States – including airfare and hotel costs! In fact,there are a variety of medical tourism companies that help visitors plan trips that combine a medical or dental procedure with trips to local spas,archaeological sites,and – of course – the beach!