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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico Offers Attractive Retirement Option for International Community

19 January, 2014

Mexico has been attracting increased interest as an excellent retirement destination in recent years,thanks in part to its affordable cost of living,reasonable property prices and fabulous climate. Also,the standard of living expats from around the world can enjoy in Mexico is unparalleled for the cost,and the country boasts a remarkably strong economy despite the recent global economic downturn. 

In a recent poll by Barclays Wealth International,retirement was found to be the number one reason people move to Mexico,followed closely by cost of living. It is never too soon to begin thinking about retirement,and it is important to consider that a growing number of expats have opted to choose Mexico real estate as their retirement destination of choice in recent years.  Since the economy in Mexico has stabilized and begun to take giant strides forward,the inflation rate here is low and currency risks are a thing of the past. 

Also,keep in mind that the state of the Mexican economy is closely tied to that of the US economy,although its influence has waned in recent years,which has increased stability in the region. The cost of living in Mexico is also carefully controlled,which makes it easier than ever for expats to plan a retirement here.

Just over 12% of survey responders also named a strong desire to travel the world as their reason for retiring in Mexico,thanks to its wide variety of landscapes,wildlife and climatic regions. Here,expats can enjoy low-cost travel throughout the country,as well as a predictable environment and widespread,reliable Internet access. 

Standard of living was also an important factor for survey respondents,thanks to the excellent value and amenities that are available in Mexico’s top retirement destinations.  The country’s fabulous climate is also a huge draw,with warm,sunny temperatures and ocean breezes to be found in many of the country’s most popular cities and towns. 

There is no doubt that the last 20 years have witnessed explosive growth in the number of international visitors who have chosen to make Mexico a permanent home. This change is due in large part to the country’s improved economy,strong political system and viable future prospects for continued growth.