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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico Real Estate: Affordable Living,Close to Home

19 January, 2014

If the high cost of living in your home country has you worried about how you will make ends meet – either before or after retirement – Mexico real estate might offer exactly the solution you’ve been looking for. 

For one thing,the consistently high peso to dollar value means your dollar will go farther on everything you buy in Mexico,from food to sundries to real estate. Add to this the fact that every major news outlet from The Wall Street Journal to the New York Times,and from Bloomberg to Reuters (just to name a few) have been reporting on Mexico’s strong economy and bright future. Also,keep in mind that Mexico’s economy is bolstered by a variety of industries. Leading to diversity among sectors from manufacturing and green energy to tourism. 

But what does this prosperity mean to you? Well,as a buyer it could mean everything. Although Mexico’s economy is growing by leaps and bounds,the recent economic downturn has helped to create a buyer’s market,with many sellers willing to negotiate more on price and added value incentives. These could include high-end furniture and appliances,lucrative leaseback options and more. 

In addition,the mainstream media has finally begun to reduce its imbalanced coverage of violence in Mexico. The reality is that most of Mexico – including all of the popular expat and tourist destinations – is safer than most U.S. cities,and the violence is actually centered on certain northern border communities that lie thousands of miles from these hotspots. 

The reality is that Mexico is the closest retirement haven to the U.S. and Canada,which means that expats can be home to take care of business or visit family and friends in a matter of a few short hours following a brief plane ride. In addition,Mexico has high quality retiree benefits programs,such as health insurance,and taxes here are quite low.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn about our free Chill Weekend and come see for yourself why so many people are talking about buying property in Mexico!

These laid back viewing trips are never sponsored by a developer and allow potential buyers to spend a few days getting acquainted with Mexico. We will help you check out a variety of homes and/or investment properties while you enjoy a free,5-star mini vacation.

At Investment Properties Mexico,we are Buyers’ Agents and only represent you – the Buyer – never the seller. Our commitment to putting the Buyer first has resulted in at least a 10 percent savings on average for our clients over our competitors. In addition,our services cost you nothing and your interests are always our first priority,which is why our clients keep coming back and love to give us referrals. 

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