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A Journey Into Paradise

Retire in Mexico: The Cost of Retirement in Mexico

15 January, 2014

Many of today’s retirees have chosen to live out their golden years soaking up the rays in beautiful,sunny Mexico. The low cost of living,natural beauty,good healthcare and modern amenities are all major reasons why it has become a popular retirement destination for expats from around the world,but just how much can you save by retiring in Mexico?

When it comes to Mexico’s real estate housing costs,you can generally expect to pay around half of what you pay in the United States for a similar sized residence. From the most luxurious homes and condos to a variety of more modest real estate options,there is sure to be something to suit almost every budget. 

Dining out is also more affordable in Mexico. You can typically expect to pay around 24% less for cuisine at a restaurant here,while grocery shopping provides even greater savings,at around 50%. In addition,alcohol is cheaper in Mexico,whether you buy it by the bottle to take home or head out to a popular restaurant or nightclub. When it comes to top shelf liquor and fine wine,however,you can expect to pay around the same amount or just a little bit less than you would pay in the United States.

Utilities in Mexico are much lower as well,with heating costs ranging from $0 to $20 per month. Add between $30 and $50 each month for air conditioning,and between $10 and $30 for gas charges. Telephone and Internet charges range anywhere from $20 to $30 a month,or you can take advantage of Mexico’s many Internet cafes,which typically charge between $3 and $5 per hour for access. Basic phone service is comparable to what you would pay in the United States and is generally very affordable,but international calls can get expensive,so be sure to shop around for the best deal,or use fax and email instead.