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A Journey Into Paradise

Sacred Caves of Mexico Real Estate on the Yucatan Peninsula

15 January, 2014

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula,which includes the nation’s Riviera Maya region bordering the Caribbean coast,is home to thousands of caves that served as long-ago homes to the prehistoric people who once inhabited the area. Later,this intricate cave system became sacred to the Mayans and today they are the focus of a special project that aims to explore their hidden depths.

Many of the caves are now under water and are known as cenotes (pronounced say-note-tays),which form a unique and beautiful world of their own among the Mexico real estate of the Yucatan Peninsula. Created when the limestone ceilings of caves collapse,some of the holes fill up with rainwater to create the cenote,while others are connected to deep labyrinths that make up the peninsula’s underground water table. 

Although many of the caves were dry during prehistoric times and were used as living quarters and burial sites,after they were flooded the ancient Mayans came to worship them as gateways to the underworld. The systematic exploration that is currently being mapped out has already produced a variety of amazing finds,including some of the oldest human remains to be found thus far throughout the Americas. 

The caves have also shown a new light on life during prehistoric and ancient times,telling us that humans were already being buried underground. In addition,fire pits and other Stone Age tools have been recovered,along with a variety of Mayan ceramics and jewelry. Mixed with the human remains have been hose of long-extinct animals,such as the mastodon and the giant ground sloth.

“Perhaps the cenotes contain the answer to the questions of when the first humans reached the Americas and how the continent was settled,” Florian Huber from the University of Kiel told ABC News in a recent interview. “Water even preserves things that would have disappeared within a short time on dry land.”

Some of the cenotes are more than 325 feet deep,which requires divers to use special gear that is designed to function at these great depths. The numbers of tourists visiting the caves is also growing rapidly,which is helping to promote respect for this international treasure. Since 1990,a small group of divers has been systematically mapping out the caves,recording more than 1,000 kilometers of area as part of the Quintana Roo Speleological Survey.

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