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A Journey Into Paradise

Benefits for Expats Retiring in Mexico

15 January, 2014

For expats interested who want to learn more about retiring in Mexico,there is much that this diverse country has to offer. Regardless of your unique needs,it will be easy to find a location that offers everything you are looking for,including a safe,strong local economy,affordable prices,and access to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world. 

Although poverty rates in some parts of Mexico remain high,on the whole it is a rapidly developing country,and this is especially true in the popular tourist and retirement destinations,such as Cancun,Playa del Carmen,Cabos and Puerto Vallarta. Here,expats are likely to find a much lower cost of living than comparable cities in other parts of the world,coupled with a strong economy that supplies the United States with more than $300 billion in goods each year. Tourism also brings in a hefty annual amount,with numbers reaching more than $11 billion in recent years. 

This strong economy brings with it a large number of lifestyle choices for expats living in Mexico,with many amenities such as healthcare and modern infrastructure. In fact,the quality of healthcare in Mexico is improving in a number of ways,including better technology,more qualified healthcare professionals,and higher standards of care. Although the quality of healthcare has improved,the cost has remained relatively low,in part because the government is subsidizing it. 

The cost of living depends largely on the location and the level of luxury you are looking for,but almost all major cities have affordable options that are comparable or below the cost of retirement in comparable U.S. locations. In addition,flights to and from the U.S. are easy to find,and a special retirement visa is available for retirees who wish to make Mexico their primary country of residence.